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Yesterday [ profile] gmjambear and I puttered around the house a bit and did some shopping. We picked up a workbench and tool rack to help organize the garage and make more room for our tools; also, we put up some more artwork and awards on the walls in the office and master bedroom.

This morning we went to Bear Brunch at Yo's Bistro in Burien. We had a very nice conversation with a couple of bears from Los Angeles who had just disembarked from a week-long Alaska cruise, and who plan on attending next weekend's bear run in Portland. For a short while the proprietor joined our conversation once he had a break in the stream of patrons.

L to R: Harry and Randy from L.A., and Yo, the proprietor of Yo's Bistro.

Afterward we stopped off at the Public Market in Seattle where a street fair was going on. We picked up four small wildlife prints (a falcon on the Seattle skyline, some salmon in a stream, a big brown bear fishing, and a couple of playful wolves in the snow) from the same artist, a bearish fellow judging from his picture, as he wasn't running the shop today; and also some totem-style T-shirts from a lady whose work I've always liked and have purchased before, for our own wear and as gifts. The bridge from the parking garage offered a unique perspective in which Mount Rainier appeared to rise from the middle of Qwest Field.

On the way back we picked up frames for the new pictures and some supplies for dinner. Then when we got home Gary completed the mowing while I unpacked the workbench. (Side note: it takes an entire weekend to mow the entire lawn because the cordless electric mower's battery runs out of juice and has to be recharged overnight between sessions. I find this annoying but Gary doesn't seem to mind.) Then we assembled the workbench together and re-parked the cars in the garage. It's a tight fit but we managed to keep enough room in front of the workbench to retrieve things from it fairly easily.

After dinner, which consisted of salmon burgers with mac and cheese and coleslaw, we tackled the new prints we'd just bought and hung them on the bedroom wall. They look nice with the Four Seasons view of Multnomah Falls we put up yesterday.

So in sum, it's beena nicely productive weekend.
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Yesterday it occurred to me that it would be my last free Saturday for a very long while. So we decided to go for a drive. I stopped in at "Gotta Lube!" for an oil change, did some shopping, and after lunch we headed to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

Overhead display on the Chihuly Glass Bridge

More pictures here. We parked the car at the Tacoma Dome station and caught the light rail into town.

We got the opportunity to see the very end of the day's demonstration as a finished piece of glass art was delivered into the heavily gloved hands of one of the glassmaking crew. I was struck by how little space is actually available for exhibits.

Afterwards we took some pictures on the plaza between the museum itself and the Thea Foss Waterway, and some more from the plaza on top of the museum where the Chihuly Glass Bridge connects the museum with downtown Tacoma over the rail corridor and I-705.

While waiting for the light rail train to return us to our car, [ profile] gmjambear noticed a succession of people taking their time entering or leaving the diagonal parking spaces across the street from the station, and recorded the resulting traffic backup with the camera.

On our return trip we took WA 509 over the cable-stay bridge featured in the pictures and followed it around the edge of Commencement Bay and up onto the high bluffs overlooking Puget Sound at Dash Point. The road leads to the home of our friends in Federal Way, where we joined them for dinner and a pleasant conversation before heading back to Everett.

All in all, a good way to spend a Saturday.
bigmacbear: Me in a leather jacket and Hockey Night in Canada ball cap, on a ferry with Puget Sound in background (Default)
Spent a few minutes this morning hanging the three paintings of my grandfather's I own in the upstairs hallway.

Long story, with pictures! )

Hope you enjoy.

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