Dec. 27th, 2008

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Back in the days of Soviet Russia, a loyal Communist with the unlikely name of Rudolph had retired to a fine dacha in the mountains with his stout Russian wife of many years.

One winter morning (being a loyal Communist he'd long since stopped calling it Christmas) he got up and looked out the bedroom window at the scenery, and called to his wife, "Ah, look at the rain coming down!"

His wife struggled to her feet and put on a robe, took one look and harrumphed, "Is snow."

He responded, "Nyet, is rain."

She came back, even louder, "Nyet, is snow!"

Exasperated, he spun his wife around by the shoulders and said ... )

bigmacbear: Me in a leather jacket and Hockey Night in Canada ball cap, on a ferry with Puget Sound in background (Default)
It's been a really quiet Christmas this year, mostly due to the snow. I've been working from home Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to give the facilities folks time to clear the parking lots around the office (they were dismal on Tuesday when I went in to recharge my portables).

Christmas Eve [ profile] gmjambear and I made the trek to Federal Way for our friends' traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Once we'd left Everett the roads weren't all that bad. Christmas Day we spent at home, listening to music and surfing the Net. I chatted with my folks and my sisters on the phone. We're chipping in for a new stove for Mom and Dad's place; the insulation on the old one is so deteriorated that my sister thinks it's a burn hazard if not an outright fire hazard.

Boxing Day (yesterday) after I got done with work we went out in search of a snow shovel (they have been out of stock for two weeks now and they don't know when they will have more) and looked at a few more things we'll eventually need around the house, and ended up buying some doormats and a plunger. Any excuse to get out, I suppose.

While we were out we had dinner at the Buzz Inn on Broadway in downtown Everett. The first time we drove by the place we thought it was a biker bar because of all the motorcycles parked alongside; we later learned it's the flagship of a chain of 14 restaurants all around the north Puget Sound region. The food was really good; they had 16-ounce T-bone steaks with all the trimmings on special for $14.99. As we were waiting for dinner to arrive I called up my folks to let them know we got their Christmas cards, and found the new stove had been delivered.

Today it looks like the clouds overhead can't decide whether to rain or snow, so instead we are getting fog and no precipitation to speak of. (Hence my joke post.)

Hope everyone's holidays are going well.

He & She

Dec. 27th, 2008 02:31 pm
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[ profile] gmjambear happened to have this up on his screen earlier today. I thought I'd post it to go with my new LJ icon. ;-)

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