Jun. 12th, 2017

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Woke up around 2:30 for just shy of 3 hours' sleep. Showered and finished packing, and got an Uber to the airport about 10 after 3. We ended up waiting around 10 minutes for the Air Canada bag drop to open, and maybe 20 minutes for the CATSA (Canadian TSA) checkpoint to open. Once we got through security we made our way to the gate and settled in for the half hour or so until our Toronto flight boarded. Gary got us aisle seats in the same row; fortunately both our seatmates were more petite so we weren't taking up much of their space. I put on the chill music and nodded off.

When we arrived in Toronto we were directed by signs to the F gates upstairs. At several points along the way we were greeted by agents and asked to show our boarding passes. We exited the secure area and walked down a long corridor we had pretty much to ourselves. I suspect not many Americans connect from domestic flights that early in the morning. Finally we reached another CATSA checkpoint where I spotted a cute agent at a monitor with a dark complexion and a nice smile. For some reason the tub containing my CPAP machine required extra screening and was automatically kicked to a second conveyor belt. While they were dealing with that, I got as combobulated as I could with the contents of the other tub, which included my suspenders but not my shoes. By the time that was settled they were finished with the extra screening. I finished getting my bag reassembled and put my shoes back on.

The next stop was US Customs preclearance. We scanned our passports at an automated kiosk, had our pictures taken, and answered a few questions before getting receipts. Then we were directed to a waiting room until our initials appeared on the screen, and then got in line to speak with a US border officer before entering the US preclearance zone, or as I like to call it, YYZ, USA. We then headed for the gate for our Seattle flight. We figured we wouldn't have time for breakfast in Toronto before the flight boarded, even though boarding was delayed a few minutes waiting for a crew member who was probably stuck in traffic (on the road, in the air, or through security).

We boarded right behind a big curly-haired cub with heavy glasses, whose beard was much redder than his hair. We got settled in our seats as we waited for 6 passengers from a connecting flight from Quebec City to arrive. When boarding was complete, the aisle seat beside me was vacant so once we were airborne I switched seats to give us both some elbow room. Gary had already fallen asleep and didn't know I had moved until the food cart came by. We both had breakfast sandwiches with back bacon (Canadians don't call it Canadian bacon). After breakfast I slept off and on the rest of the flight, with the chill music, electronica, and classical tracks in turn.

When we got to Seattle we collected our bags and went to catch the light rail downtown; as we traversed the passage through the garage I noticed they were applying an epoxy finish to half of the concrete floor. Most of the way back we sat opposite a tall, nice-looking dude seated in the other half of the car with his petite lady companion. When we caught the 512 bus to Everett I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a Double Tall, so we sat upstairs in the front. At Everett Station we decided to catch a taxi rather than wait 45 minutes for the Everett bus.

Once we got home and made sure nothing was out of kilter, I took Gary to Jersey Mike's to pick up lunch, which we ate at home. I had my usual club, while Gary had a hot meatball sub for a change. After lunch we took a brief nap before I had to turn around and go to rehearsal.

On the way to rehearsal I sat on the back bench. At the other end was a big red bear snoozing, who reminded me of Red Fred from Henrietta, except he was a little thicker around the middle and had a thicker beard. Traffic was horrible and I ended up leaving the bus at Stewart and 7th and taking the Convention Center escalators to Freeway Park, approaching the church via Seneca St. Apparently I wasn't the only one caught in traffic as both Evan and Eric arrived late. We got our seating assignments and I ended up in the next-to-last row between new bass Bill and the runway separating the basses from the tenors. Bill is fairly tall and bearish with white hair and a dark mustache and goatee. Rehearsal went well and I rode home with Neil and Sam as usual. I picked up dinner from Arby's as I'd missed the opportunity downtown because of the traffic. As soon as Gary got home from the grocery store, I went to bed.

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