Dec. 30th, 2003

bigmacbear: Me squatting naked in the Miller River (naked)
Where: Desk at home
Wearing: Nothing
H Factor: 6
C Factor: 8

I got back in from my folks' place in Cincinnati yesterday afternoon about 2. Gary ([ profile] gmjambear) came to meet me at the airport, which was a pleasant surprise. We went to dinner at the home of a friend from church and had a very good time.

While in Cincinnati, I got the opportunity to chat with my folks and my sisters and their families. However, there were some other relatives (mostly cousins of various degrees on my mom's side of the family) who were essentially holding their family reunion at my folks' place, which made the place crazy-busy for the weekend after Christmas and limited my opportunity to be with my immediate family to a degree.

Although I've been disappointed with the way scheduling worked out this year with respect to Gary, and I know he's been pretty down lately, I think my cousins' presence would also have made Gary and I very uncomfortable had I been able to bring him there for the holidays. I jokingly suggested to Mom that she and Dad could avoid this next year by coming to Rochester for the holidays. We shall see. ;-)

Anyway, gotta go. In case you don't hear from me before then, I wish a Happy New Year to all.

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