Dec. 30th, 2005

bigmacbear: Me in a leather jacket and Hockey Night in Canada ball cap, on a ferry with Puget Sound in background (Default)
Out here in Seattle we have a 3-D animated fellow hawking flooring on TV. He kind of reminds me of that fellow's artwork that [ profile] hylandr is fond of using in his userpics, like this one:
Lil Bear
but this guy is blond/redheaded with geeky glasses and what appears to be a painted-on red superhero getup.
bigmacbear: Me in a leather jacket and Hockey Night in Canada ball cap, on a ferry with Puget Sound in background (Default)
  • Flew to Cincinnati on the red-eye connecting in Houston. The first flight I ended up sitting on the aisle next to a woman with her niece's children, aged about 1 and 3 (the 1-year-old in her lap and the older child in the window seat). As the flight began the younger child was screaming, then got to sleep; the flight ended with the older child screaming.

  • My grand-niece Alyssa at three-and-a-half is really smart. She loves to play cards, preferring "crazy eights" and "war".

  • While shopping at Meijer (combination discount grocery/department store) with my folks I saw a woman drop a lot of money out of her hand (probably while trying to replace it in her pocketbook or purse) and walk on. I called her attention to the money and she collected it, all the while the man with her was giving her a dirty look.

  • I find I'm more interested in football this season, with my native home team (the Bengals) and my new hometown team (the Seahawks) both clinching their divisions and assured of a spot in the playoffs. [ profile] gmjambear says it would be interesting if they met in the Super Bowl. My brother-in-law says that isn't going to happen, the Bengals aren't that good.

  • Former Rochester TV reporter Liz Bonis has found a new home in Cincinnati.

  • In the WOOF! department: On the return flight from Cincinnati to Houston I was seated next to a big fellow from Calgary who resembles Stacy Keach, whose wife and teenage son sat opposite. Then on the flight from Houston I sat behind a fellow with brush-cut red hair and a build like a fireplug wearing a "Kenmore Air" T-shirt. Also on that flight was a fellow with the build and beard-style of our friend Marvin from Beareoke ([ profile] ursusnoir), but white.

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