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Mysterious Florida Deaths Involve GOP Consultant, God Knows What Else at Wonkette

Brief summary: three young men were found dead in the central Florida home of two of them, in what is believed to be a double murder/suicide. The homeowner was Ralph Gonzalez, former head of the Georgia Republican Party. His roommate, David Abrami, was a former president of the Central Florida Young Republicans, while the third man, Robert Drake, is described simply as "a friend". No definitive word on who killed whom, although detectives speculate Drake was the killer.

I first heard of this incident on the Mike Malloy show on our local Air America affiliate. At the time the speculation, also based on something said by detectives, was that this was a lovers' quarrel. However, any mention of that remark was rather quickly scrubbed from Associated Press reports including that of the Florida Times. It seems that the gay angle was so obvious that it was just as obviously covered up before any conclusions for good or ill can be drawn from it.

Malloy chose to use the occasion to deliver a mini-rant about Republicans raising the specter of the gay bogeyman while living secret gay lives themselves. In that sense it dovetails with all the other scandals going on among (mostly) Republican politicians, a phenomenon reported by Wonkette under the keywords "Endless Cummer".

We may never know with certainty what happened in that house, much less the motivations behind it. But I hate to think that these men died either because of their sexuality or because they knew too much about some political activity that could bring down one of their clients.

Update 08/24/2008 Wonkette seems to have done some reorganizing which broke the links in this post. The main link has been fixed and the other removed.

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