Moving Day

Apr. 4th, 2017 09:17 pm
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I have just requested an import of all my posts from over at LiveJournal here on DreamWidth. I do not feel safe on LiveJournal anymore and strongly suspect that the Russian government is about to pull the plug on that particular experiment, based on the sudden change in their Terms of Service.

Folks will probably see a lot more of me on Facebook, but I need a place to archive all the stuff I've maintained on LJ over the years, and this looks like the place to do it.
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It appears that the Powers that Be here on LiveJournal have deleted approximately 500 LiveJournals and communities based on their names, interests, and perhaps content. (Story here on cnet.)

My take, cut for length alone )

Could somebody tell me who decided to dig up Joe McCarthy's moldering corpse and put it in charge of what we are allowed to see and write on the Internet? kthx.

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