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Thought I'd post an interesting quote from the Quick Hitts blog, written by one of my favorite commentators on the Nanny State.

It seems our friend Dave has been told one too many times he must not like Hillary Clinton because "she's a strong woman". His reply, in part:

A strong woman would never spend decades chained to a serial philanderer. She might forgive him for cheating on her the first time. Maybe she should have forgiven him the second time. But when he did it for the third time a strong woman would have told him the honeymoon was over, although in there case, they still had four days left.

[insert image of cat swiping extended claws and sound of attack meow here]

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I sent off a letter to FedEx regarding a confusing experience I had at one of their local outlets trying to ship a birthday present to my sister.

Yesterday I got their reply, a profusely apologetic letter stating how concerned they were that their employees were ill-informed, etc. But the kicker was the closing sentence:

We look forward to our continued business association, confident your next experience will be less than satisfactory.

Oops. ;-)


Nov. 25th, 2006 10:24 pm
bigmacbear: Me collapsing into Gary's arms, one arm over my forehead, both of us shirtless and wearing sunglasses (drama)
Taken from this I, Cringely column on the PBS website, regarding the possibilities of the new MPEG-7 format and its touted ability to make actors obsolete (emphasis mine):

But what about taking, say, the 70-odd episodes of the original "Star Trek" series, extracting all the gestures and expressions of a 35-year-old Captain Kirk, and then using the computer to produce all-new episodes with the original cast? "Sure, we could do it," said Carl Rosendahl, producer of Dreamworks' "Antz," the computer-animated feature. "But it would be expensive, and we'd rather be applying computer technology to doing new things, things that couldn't be done any other way. Though with William Shatner's limited dynamic range, I'm sure that analyzing four or five old episodes would be more than enough."

[cue sound of cat's attack meow and image of its swiping paw with claws extended]

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