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[Editorial note: As I've been remiss in my posting, I'm just going to do highlights back-dated to when the events occurred.]

Parked at Everett Station south (B) lot for a change. A big youngish bear with a pointy dark goatee and matching crew cut, in Packers gear, jeans and beat-up work boots, was waiting at the stop on Broadway and 34th and having a coughing fit. He sat behind the turntable. On the 106 from Canyon Park I spotted a big brown bear.

On the way home on the 532, I sat across from a sleepy red cub in vintage Mariners cap and hoodie, jeans and sneakers. At one point the cap came off to reveal sleepy cub was almost if not completely bald. Sitting on the high bench in front of the turntable was a huge young bear with long brown hair and a shorter beard, in a grey T-shirt and workout shorts. He was idly playing with his hair, which was long enough to hide his nipples should that become necessary. On the back bench was an older bear with sugar-and-cinnamon hair and beard, the latter trimmed in an unusual style, like a reverse goatee, with sideburns and a mustache that flared out over his jawline but his chin was clean shaven.
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I didn't need to be in the office until 8 AM so I left a bit later for the bus than I usually do, and found the parking lot at South Everett freeway station was full. So I drove to Ash Way and managed to find a spot in the back relatively close to where I usually park. The ride in was uneventful. At the office I saw Seshu, both Matts from Cricket (the tall bearded one and his shorter, bald manager, who sound much alike), Veronica (who had an interesting proposal for me which unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to pursue), and Mike the Republican from my old days as an SA. Outside the office there was a big bucket truck parked close to the building to trim the trees.

Having gotten an early start, and guessing (rightly) that [personal profile] gmjambear would be downtown, I wrapped up about 3:30 intending to catch the 522 downtown. Having missed it by a minute or so, I caught the 535 northbound to Lynnwood to connect with the 512 there. At Canyon Park a dude who can only be described as a giant (at least 6' 7" and 400 lbs, but with no facial fur) boarded and sat on the back bench. The artic bus was fairly full but no one was standing. There were a lot of Asian kids on the bus, of high school or college age. As we crossed I-5 I noticed the northbound lanes slammed with traffic. The kid sitting across from me looked like he has potential to be a panda bear in about 10 years. He left at Alderwood (my phone's predictive typing suggested Aldershot, which is a stop on the train from Rochester to Toronto, so I found that amusing) and the giant came and sat in his place.

On the 512 I sat across from John, a chorus member who commutes from the U district to Lynnwood; he was on our bus the previous Thursday as well. At Mountlake Terrace a tall bear with long curly brown hair, in a throwback Mariners jersey with Ken Griffey Jr.'s name and number on the back, grey shorts and flip-flops boarded and sat on the turntable on the opposite side of the bus. A young dude sitting just forward of John had a long red beard and a severe haircut. By the time we hit the bulk of traffic at Northgate, I saw John nodding off; obviously it had been a long day. Downtown traffic was awful, more so than usual but not the worst I've seen. As we crossed Seventh Avenue on Stewart, we had to run circles around a #7 bus sprawled across the intersection; it was a tight fit, and I thought surely we'd snap off a rear-view mirror or something. We also had to wait at least three light cycles before we could make the left turn onto Fifth. Once we arrived at the stop at Westlake I ducked into the mall and through the lower food court, meeting Gary at the top of the steps by Wells Fargo. Someone had scrawled graffiti on the entrance doors to the bank in what looked like blue greasepaint.

We went in to BWW and were seated toward the back of the bar area. I checked the menu and noticed they were offering two different sauces in the Sauce Lab, without dates specifying when each would be available (normally they have one flavor at a time), so I asked the waiter and he said both were available. The one had a bit of a kick to it, but the other, the Scorpion with Myers' Rum in it, was on a whole new level. It wasn't all heat though; like the Mango Habañero I often order, there's a lot of flavor in it. I noticed a bit late that the new sauce came with a warning sticker not to touch your eyes, and to wash with plenty of water afterwards. ;) Still, I managed to finish the meal with vision intact and no upset stomach. And it was good.

The ride home was uneventful. We got out at Ash Way and I drove Gary to pick up his car at the far side of Everett Station.
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Due to the anticipated chaos in downtown Seattle for May Day, I agreed to pick up Bob rather early for rehearsal, about 3:30 PM. (The usual routine is that I drive to the home Bob is sharing with Neil and Don, pick up Bob and continue to South Everett freeway station, where we board the 512 together and walk to the rehearsal space, then Bob goes in and I go off to grab dinner before returning to rehearsal.) When I arrived, Don informed me that on Friday nights, the Fireplace bar in Everett has a Bear Night which he wanted to check out. The place is normally considered a biker bar, but the owner is cool with it.

We arrived at the church about 4:30 PM, two hours early for rehearsal, so Bob suggested we enter the church through the main doors and take the elevator upstairs to the rehearsal hall as the doors at the top of the hill would be locked. That accomplished, I left through those doors and went in search of dinner. Since I needed to top up my ORCA card anyway, I walked the three blocks down the steep hill on Seneca Street to University Street Station and took care of business at the machine, then returned to Third Avenue. Since I didn't feel like climbing the hill, I walked down Third and, not seeing anything to my liking, descended to the other end of University Street Station and caught the train one stop to Westlake Center. Unfortunately, again due to the anticipated chaos, not only was the mall closed early for the day (except for Zara which has its own entrances), but also BWW where I intended to have dinner. Westlake Park was still pretty chill then, but dozens of bike cops in armor were just waiting for someone to start something.

So I decided to walk to the Pacific Place mall a couple of blocks away, reasoning that they were far enough away from the commotion that they were still functioning. In the food court on the fourth floor I selected Johnny Rockets hamburger joint, where I was served by a cute, twinkish dude with red plugs in his earlobes and a rather flirtatious manner about him, as well as a cubbier dude with a goatee behind the counter. I had a nice dinner of onion rings (served with a lion head drawn in ketchup on the bottom of a paper "monkey dish" for dipping) and a big burger. There weren't a whole lot of customers but I suppose you take what you can get under the circumstances.

Satisfied, I returned to the rehearsal space via Sixth Avenue, taking my time ascending the hill (which is longer and therefore less steep than Seneca). I suppose I could have used the escalators at the Convention Center but I didn't want to risk going out of my way and finding them closed, adding to my walk. Rehearsal went well if a bit sparsely attended. We rode home with Neil as usual.
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The other side of Canyon Park Park and Ride. (Still not a typo.) The tower behind me leads to a bridge across I-405 at third-story level. The other side I showed you last week ramps gently down to the top of the on-ramp southbound so no tower.


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Attention Dog Owners

Please pick up after your dogs.

Thank you.

Attention Dogs

Grrrrr, bark, woof.

Good dog.
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Didn't do much Friday night other than one last overnight maintenance call for work, nor yesterday as [ profile] gmjambear finished off some schoolwork. Made up for that today though. Read more... )

Another fun day.
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Before dinner: a long day... )

Dinner was a blast. We had lots of good conversation and there were congratulations for [ profile] gmjambear and me signing up for NaNoWriMo. I had a cup of minestrone and a red curry with chicken; Gary had the roast chicken. I asked Gary if he wanted dessert but he declined. I had the caramel flan, partly so we could re-enact the scene from Real Women Have Curves (Gary: "Don't eat the flan!" Me: [chomp]). Pictures up at my Gallery.

The trip home... )

A fine evening if I do say so myself.

Light Rail

Aug. 23rd, 2009 09:23 am
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[ profile] gmjambear and I headed into downtown Seattle yesterday to check out the new light rail line. A few points of interest... )

All in all, an interesting way to spend an afternoon.
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On the way into work this morning a cute cublet, resembling [ profile] alexjon but a size or two smaller and with darker hair, boarded at McCollum Park & Ride and sat in front of me. He had some sort of Escheresque woven tri-cornered tattoo surrounding the point of his elbow which was resting on the back of the seat, and carried what I thought was a bicycle helmet until he got up and revealed it to be a welder's face shield. On the side was a sticker which read "Don't make me break my probation". He spoke at some length to the driver and it appeared he'd boarded the wrong bus, as he obviously was headed into the portion of the Canyon Park office complex not served by the 106 bus (which alternates with the 105 at the top and bottom of the hour respectively).

Coming back I caught the 5:07 and sure enough they sent the short bus again. This time though nearly everyone managed to get a seat, except between Canyon Park and Thrasher's Corner. You would think that would be the one bus of the day that would require a standard 40-foot bus on this run, as the later buses haven't nearly the ridership and still get the standard bus. Oy. One fellow who boarded at Mike's Fitness (just north of Canyon Park) was kind of interesting to look at with a shaved head and bare arms full of ink. Most of the other passengers in the far back were boys in various shades of blond, except for one black kid darker than [ profile] gmjambear.

As we passed the Columbia Athletic Club the thermometer out front registered 93 degrees. Retrieved the car at Mariner and picked up some groceries and a bottle to carry water or tea to work in my backpack. On the way back, the same thermometer was still at 91.
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There are a lot of sk8r boys on the Community Transit 105 bus from UW Bothell into Mill Creek. Some look to be high-schoolers and others are of college age.

Spotted a kid of about fifteen or so who is bigger around than I am at nearly three times his age.

Someone finally claimed that T-shirt from "The Rapture Comes To Bothell", if only to throw it away.

More Adventures in Public Transportation... )


May. 2nd, 2009 08:10 am
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Didn't get a chance to blog about Thursday yet. I took the bus in from South Everett Park & Ride, and after work made my way to Cafe Septieme on Capitol Hill.

On the first leg of the run from Bothell to Cap Hill on Route 372, I sat behind a clean shaven, long haired dude who was crashed out in his seat. He woke up and carried on a mostly one-sided conversation with me the rest of the way to UW main campus. He introduced himself as Dave, and told me he was about my age and had an 18-year-old son. Having spent most of his career cooking, he was currently taking odd jobs in landscaping and studying for his Commercial Drivers' License test. One of his obvious interests was muscle cars of the 70's, I also discovered. But he had a habit of speaking in non sequiturs, jumping from topic to topic as though his mouth wasn't keeping up with his brain; on several occasions he mentioned he'd "burned out", perhaps due to a bit too much 420, which caused him a number of problems.

We parted company at UW and I hopped on the 49 electric bus to Cap Hill, stepping off a block from the restaurant. Click here if you don't mind a little name-dropping... ) It was also Dining Out for Life day so some of the proceeds of our meal would go to a worthy cause, Lifelong AIDS Alliance. We chatted about art, gay culture, President Obama, and Lord only knows what else, and had some great food.

After dinner we said our goodbyes and caught the 43 bus downtown to catch the 510 bus back to South Everett. Gary had parked right next to me at the Park & Ride. When we got home I fell asleep on the loveseat.

[Edited to remove an unnecessary observation. Thanks and apologies to [ profile] bitterlawngnome, and thanks to [ profile] gmjambear, for pointing out the correction.]
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Monday on the way in to work on the bus, a child of about two on his mother's lap spied the big shiny box which holds the safety strap used to secure wheelchairs to the bus so the folks sitting in them don't roll away at every sudden stop. This child was determined he would have this shiny new toy and would not be prevented, and when his mother got in the way and set him down gently but firmly on the floor, he pitched an absolute fit (as two-year-olds often do).

Then today, this cute cublet in a hoodie with about a quarter-inch stripe of beard had sat down in the side-facing seat in front of me and, when the opportunity presented itself, switched to the seat opposite me on the back bench so he could put his feet up. Almost at the same time, a father and daughter boarded the bus. I had put in my earbuds, and at the next stop, after a mother and child boarded and sat between cublet and me, the girl up front began caterwauling just as my phone's MP3 player kicked in with Pat Benatar's "Suffer the Little Children".

To quote from another woman singer of some reknown, "isn't it ironic, don't ya think?"
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Sat next to a sk8r boi (take that [ profile] cincycub) on the bus this morning, and across from a vaguely Mediterranean or perhaps Hispanic fellow about my age with a well-groomed goatee. Changed buses and sat behind a pocket-bear with snow-white hair and beard (I'll call him "Pocket Santa") and across from an obvious couple, one member looked vaguely familiar, perhaps an SMC member, while his partner wore his hair in a wild-looking asymmetrical red-highlighted Mohawk and, with his bright eyes and round cheeks, bore the appearance of one of [ profile] badrobot68's cublets. They got off at Totem Lake where this cute kid I've seen before boarded and sat opposite me behind the driver. Pocket Santa left at UW Bothell; I think he teaches there.

One of the temp agencies was doing the 'coffee for United Way' thing outside my office, so I went to get some and saw this fellow, who looked like a shorter version of Joey Fatone, whom I'd followed upstairs on the way in.


Sep. 18th, 2008 09:37 pm
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  • All this week I've been seeing lots of bearish bus drivers and the occasional passenger as well.

  • This morning my cow-orkers and I were having a conversation about Burn After Reading in which my ex-boss recommended people see the trailer and skip the film because the best parts of the film are all in the trailer. So, speaking of spoilers, I pointed out the two T-shirts that T-Shirt Hell advertised right after one of the Harry Potter books came out that read "[so-and-so] dies on page [such-and-such]; I just saved you [this many] hours and [this much money]", with the US version bearing one page number and a price in dollars, and the UK version having a different page number and a price in pounds. When he asked why the US and UK versions had different page numbers, my cube neighbor pointed out that the words in the UK are longer with the extra "u", as in "colour", etc.

  • Speaking of films, I keep wanting to call this one Mountlake Terrace ;-) (This is a neighborhood just over the county line between Shoreline and Lynnwood, north of Seattle proper.)

  • Over in soc.motss, someone posted his surprise at hearing the "Flute Concerto" by "Jacques E. Bear" performed by James Galway. Looking at the program notes he discovered the composer's name is Jacques Ibert. Sort of reminds me of the first time I saw Chantal Hébert ("Eh, Bear") on "At Issue" on the CBC's The National.
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This week on the bus:

Saw a cute construction cub (redhead, of course) at Bellevue Transit Center.

Had a chat with an older fellow who works for Access (the on-demand van service for the mobility-challenged who can't use regular public transportation). He has an interesting commute, going from Bellevue to Lake City and having to change buses in Bothell.

They had the bus transfer loop at UW Bothell torn up for construction this week, and it's royally pissing off the bus drivers because they have to drive all the way through campus and back, and people are missing connections.

Last night, a youngish fellow who looked vaguely Hispanic got on the bus wearing a dress shirt unbuttoned to his navel. Rawr.
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Haven't had a whole lot of time to post the past few days.

Monday was a long day. Work went OK, then I hopped on the bus early to get downtown and grab an early dinner before rehearsal. Having some time to play with, I hopped on the monorail to Seattle Center. The return monorail trip was delayed about 20 minutes because they had to test the one working train, which was annoying because they didn't announce what they were doing until they had pulled the train into the station and then pulled out again without letting anyone board. Rehearsal was exhausting. We got to work with the band for the first time though which was nice. After rehearsal I decided to try the express bus across Lake Washington instead of the Rodeo Bus, especially since I'd parked at the park-n-ride lot next to Boeing instead of at the Renton transit center. However, I ended up catching the 240 local bus and it took forever to get there. I barely got home in time to do my system patching work at 11 PM. Saw a couple of interesting folks on that long bus ride though, including a bearish antique dealer and a youngish fellow in a tweed jacket praying the rosary quietly to himself.

Tuesday I got a late start having slept in a bit. I got to see this big red bear in Carhartt overalls working on the electrical system at Bellevue transit center again, as he's been there the past few days. On the way home I had a chat with a young woman who works in the cafeteria. She mentioned that she was interested in board games and I mentioned a few of them that [ profile] snicholson had demonstrated on Game Nights back in New York. We ended up discussing our respective commutes and I mentioned that I sing with SMC, which prompted her to ask if [ profile] gmjambear sang with the chorus as well. I had to tell her no, he doesn't; he's the "chorus widow". After returning home, I went for a walk with Gary in the park before another round of patching.

Today I decided to park at Kennydale for a change. Looks like the bus bypassed us, as we had to wait about 40 minutes when there should be one every half hour. Ah well, one of the other riders was easy on the eyes, with tousled brown hair, a nice smile and a fair bit of fur peeking out of his open shirt collar. Once I got to Bellevue the red bear in Carhartts was up on a scissors lift working right over my head. ;-) Unfortunately, I discovered that there's a hardware problem which will prevent me from working from home for my final patches tonight. So in about an hour I will have to haul butt to Bothell and start my 11 PM maintenance window by physically powering down the server so I can (hopefully, fingers crossed) monitor it remotely afterward.
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Ended up staying at the office a bit late, because the development system I was patching took forever to finish. As it turned out, I missed the last convenient bus to Bellevue, as they go to an hourly schedule after 7:30 PM and the connection in Bellevue is mis-timed so as to require an hour wait if (as is almost certain) you miss it. So instead I took the bus into downtown Seattle (522) and connected to the Renton bus which I usually miss coming out of rehearsal (106).

On the 522 through Lake City a small family boarded the bus at one stop, then the father got off at the next stop and the mother and child at yet the next. I think they were having an argument (I was blissfully ignorant of what about, as I was engaged in listening to music) because when he left the bus she flipped him the bird through the bus window.

The 106 was fairly full and I ended up taking one of the sideways seats in the back. Diagonally across from me was a cubbish fellow with stubble on his scalp and beard, carrying a McDonald's bag and drink. Later, an older fellow boarded looking much like Eddie Murphy done up to play his grandfather, and a cubbish father and his adorable son. The boy took the seat next to me and turned to look out the window while his father watched from across the aisle.

There were two young women sitting in the corner and they started rapping, and one of them got up and flipped someone the bird out the bus window. Somehow this seemed the night for doing that... ;-)

I arrived at the Renton transit center about 9:20 and it was still fairly bright outside, as Midsummer Night is in a couple of weeks.


May. 25th, 2008 11:15 am
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[ profile] gmjambear and I decided to spend the afternoon looking at the Olympic Sculpture Park on the edge of downtown Seattle by the waterfront. We began with a drive to Mercer Island to park at the Park and Ride and catch one of the express buses into town.

We got off the express bus at the International District and waited for the Waterfront Streetcar bus line (a free bus route which replaced the actual Waterfront Streetcar when, ironically enough, its car barn was demolished to make way for the Olympic Sculpture Park). While we waited, an older Asian man lectured some Asian youths who were waiting for the bus, then boarded one himself. A fellow who appeared to be taking his family on a tour of Seattle remarked that alcohol fumes preceded the older Asian man wherever he went. Later, another man, black and approaching our age, began doing tightrope walks and tap steps on and off the curb at the bus stop. Gary remarked, "It isn't just 9:30 on a Monday night" that brings out the interesting people at bus stops. "It reminds me of New York," he concluded.

Once we boarded the bus and arrived at the Sculpture Park, we saw three cruise ships making their way from the Port of Seattle: the Norwegian Star, a Holland America ship (as my dad put it after cruising on one, "some -dam ship or other"), and another which was too far away to make out her name or company.

After viewing the sculptures we were rather hungry so we stopped in a nearby Subway for lunch. Afterward we walked back to catch the Waterfront Shuttle bus again. A fellow wearing only an olive Utilikilt and shoes with a guitar slung upside-down over his back caught my eye. Gary suspected he got a lot of different reactions from people as he passed, and remarked that he himself wouldn't be comfortable going shirtless in public even if he had a body worth showing off. On our return to the International District, Gary took some pictures of the new Chinatown gate while we waited for the bus back to Mercer Island.

When we returned to the car, Gary suggested we drive over to the edge of Lid Park and find the sidewalk that goes over the floating bridge back to Seattle. We got some interesting pictures from the middle of Lake Washington. I wanted to get a picture of this incredible expanse of green lawn (and not incidentally, the shirtless young man lying on that lawn) from the bridge, but Gary nixed that idea. Afterward, we sat in the park for a few minutes and I chatted with my folks, then we went for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery in Factoria.

Wacky day

May. 22nd, 2008 05:57 pm
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Was awakened at 4 AM by the on-call pager. Last Sunday morning I was involved in the resolution of an outage on our POS servers (that's Point of Sale although Piece of S**t seems more appropriate) after one of three Storage Area Network (SAN) devices lost its mind and shut down all paths to the storage from both servers in the POS cluster. Well, this morning it happened again. Spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone trying to figure it out before east coast stores opened.

Which reminds me: Fry's had similar trouble with their computers yesterday while we were shopping for micro-SD cards for our new phones. (Without a card, the phone will only store two songs at a time in its music player. Ouch.) It got to the point where it was more hassle than it was worth. So I see how important it is to keep the systems that support retail going at any cost.

By the time I was done with the conference it was time to make the trek to the office, since I had three nearly back-to-back meetings scheduled for today. I decided that since I already had a couple hours in, I would leave right after my last meeting of the day, at 2 PM. I actually made it out at 2:30. I will be so glad when my on-call turn ends tomorrow at 3 PM.

Observations from the bus:

A nice-looking kid got on the bus at Totem Lake, all bright eyes and perfect hair -- then he got closer to me and I could see the lower half of his face was rather badly scarred. Odd that it didn't really ruin his appearance so much as make him more interesting to look at.

As we reached downtown Bellevue some of the many construction sites were knocking off work for the day, which resulted in an abundance of bears in orange vests wandering the streets in search of their rides home.

I'm still a little tired but too mentally engaged to sleep just yet. Maybe after dinner.
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There's something about waiting for a bus on a Monday evening in downtown Seattle after SMC rehearsal that is very different from any other part of my bus commutes.

This particular Monday, it was a fairly thin, Hispanic-looking guy in a blue windbreaker and a white T-shirt, standing at the bus schedule board and using it to steady himself as he was a bit tipsy. He kept reaching up under the front of his T-shirt and windbreaker to scratch himself, or maybe play with his nipples, finally just pulling the shirt and jacket up and exposing his furry chest and stomach to all and sundry. Just like the cub with the flip-flops last week, I found this distracting -- at once mildly erotic and revolting. Eventually he made his way to a nearby bench and sat down.

The actual ride back was fairly uneventful (apart from a few seconds of the Rodeo Bus trying to buck the passengers off in the middle of I-5) until my on-call pager went off and I joined one of those interminable phone conferences that seem to pop up at the drop of the proverbial hat when I'm on-call. Nine times out of ten, the problem is with the application, the database or the network, and not something the system admins can fix. By the time I got home it was clear this was going to be one of those calls so I dropped it. I had too much other work to do anyway.

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