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[Editorial note: As I've been remiss in my posting, I'm just going to do highlights back-dated to when the events occurred.]

Parked at Everett Station south (B) lot for a change. A big youngish bear with a pointy dark goatee and matching crew cut, in Packers gear, jeans and beat-up work boots, was waiting at the stop on Broadway and 34th and having a coughing fit. He sat behind the turntable. On the 106 from Canyon Park I spotted a big brown bear.

On the way home on the 532, I sat across from a sleepy red cub in vintage Mariners cap and hoodie, jeans and sneakers. At one point the cap came off to reveal sleepy cub was almost if not completely bald. Sitting on the high bench in front of the turntable was a huge young bear with long brown hair and a shorter beard, in a grey T-shirt and workout shorts. He was idly playing with his hair, which was long enough to hide his nipples should that become necessary. On the back bench was an older bear with sugar-and-cinnamon hair and beard, the latter trimmed in an unusual style, like a reverse goatee, with sideburns and a mustache that flared out over his jawline but his chin was clean shaven.
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This weekend [personal profile] gmjambear and I have been busy exhuming the pond in the backyard. The pond was constructed of a Rubbermaid 150-gallon stock tank, a length of drain pipe that goes we know not where, a whole lot of dirt (backfilled against the fence, which is why it all has to come out) and a retaining wall. We'd gotten most of the retaining wall removed over the year or so since we made the decision to replace the fence.

Yesterday we managed to get most of the remaining bricks from the base of the retaining wall moved, and the dried mud and gravel out of the tub itself. As we worked I noticed a tall and muscular young dude at the house behind us across the alley, who was wearing a pair of really tight, stretchy gray shorts and no shirt; and also a small poodle-mix dog (perhaps a cockapoo) who left us a present in the small patch of lawn between the temporary fence and the alley.

After sifting a few wheelbarrow loads of dirt and rocks, we were done for the day and decided to have dinner at Buzz Inn on Evergreen. We saw a number of cute daddybears and their kids passing by our table as they left. Cue Gary: "aw, hell no." After dinner we finished up some laundry and surfed the net a bit before I decided to call it a night.

I woke up about quarter to six to find Gary had made an excursion downtown. When I came downstairs for breakfast around nine-thirty, I saw Gary was back, but had been up all night, so I gently encouraged him to get some sleep. After breakfast I picked up the present the dog had left, and while doing so had a nice chat with Eric, the young dude with the tight shorts, who had come to retrieve the dog (his name is Puddles) as he'd wandered into our yard. They are busy building a new back porch to go with the addition on their house.

After that I swept up the tub and sifted another wheelbarrow load of dirt, then went inside and caught up with Dad by phone. My sister Sheila's youngest son was scheduled to graduate from high school this afternoon, and my sister Colleen's youngest is preparing to move to Boston in the next month so she is managing separate parties for his friends, for our side of the family and for her husband's side. She had to work this evening so I guess I'll have to call her later tomorrow.

Once I got off the phone with Dad, I decided to pick up a few more buckets from Home Depot, grab lunch, and pick up some groceries at Costco. At Home Depot I asked a cute ginger otter if he knew of anyone who deals in bulk dirt, as we'll probably have 4 or 5 cubic yards left over when all is said and done. He suggested Craig's List because if people are desperate enough for fill dirt they'll come over and dig it up. Another possibility he suggested is the sand and gravel place a couple doors north on the same side of Highway 99. I ended up picking up three 5-gallon buckets and two 18-gallon plastic planter tubs with rope handles. I checked out beside a cute daddy bear with a wife and two girls. He had some nice ink on one arm.

Lunch was at Heaven Sent Chicken on 112th Street. I had the three-piece special with corn and an extra side of collard greens. As I ate I texted Gary to relay the results of the morning so he could read them when he got up, and he suggested I pick up some fruit at Costco as well: grapes, blackberries, and bananas. I was surprised he was awake. At Costco there were at least two cute daddybears shopping; one I kept crossing paths with was tall and dark, perhaps Native American or Hispanic, with elaborate, somewhat faded ink on both arms.

After I got home and got the groceries put away, Gary and I watched part of the Memorial Cup (Canadian Hockey League) final between the Erie Otters and the host team, the Windsor Spitfires; then we started in on the sifting and sorting. Toward the end we traced the PVC drain pipe to an elbow in the middle of the back lawn well outside the perimeter of the retaining wall, and decided we should dig no further but rather get a plumber to trace the pipe so we don't ruin the lawn unnecessarily. Then I fixed dinner: bratwurst boiled in beer (a local microbrew called Scuttlebutt) and finished off under the broiler (unfortunately, we have construction debris piled up too close to the outdoor gas grill to use it at the moment), and fresh coleslaw. After dinner we sort of vegetated in front of the TV until Gary decided he'd better get to bed and catch up on sleep.
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I didn't need to be in the office until 8 AM so I left a bit later for the bus than I usually do, and found the parking lot at South Everett freeway station was full. So I drove to Ash Way and managed to find a spot in the back relatively close to where I usually park. The ride in was uneventful. At the office I saw Seshu, both Matts from Cricket (the tall bearded one and his shorter, bald manager, who sound much alike), Veronica (who had an interesting proposal for me which unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to pursue), and Mike the Republican from my old days as an SA. Outside the office there was a big bucket truck parked close to the building to trim the trees.

Having gotten an early start, and guessing (rightly) that [personal profile] gmjambear would be downtown, I wrapped up about 3:30 intending to catch the 522 downtown. Having missed it by a minute or so, I caught the 535 northbound to Lynnwood to connect with the 512 there. At Canyon Park a dude who can only be described as a giant (at least 6' 7" and 400 lbs, but with no facial fur) boarded and sat on the back bench. The artic bus was fairly full but no one was standing. There were a lot of Asian kids on the bus, of high school or college age. As we crossed I-5 I noticed the northbound lanes slammed with traffic. The kid sitting across from me looked like he has potential to be a panda bear in about 10 years. He left at Alderwood (my phone's predictive typing suggested Aldershot, which is a stop on the train from Rochester to Toronto, so I found that amusing) and the giant came and sat in his place.

On the 512 I sat across from John, a chorus member who commutes from the U district to Lynnwood; he was on our bus the previous Thursday as well. At Mountlake Terrace a tall bear with long curly brown hair, in a throwback Mariners jersey with Ken Griffey Jr.'s name and number on the back, grey shorts and flip-flops boarded and sat on the turntable on the opposite side of the bus. A young dude sitting just forward of John had a long red beard and a severe haircut. By the time we hit the bulk of traffic at Northgate, I saw John nodding off; obviously it had been a long day. Downtown traffic was awful, more so than usual but not the worst I've seen. As we crossed Seventh Avenue on Stewart, we had to run circles around a #7 bus sprawled across the intersection; it was a tight fit, and I thought surely we'd snap off a rear-view mirror or something. We also had to wait at least three light cycles before we could make the left turn onto Fifth. Once we arrived at the stop at Westlake I ducked into the mall and through the lower food court, meeting Gary at the top of the steps by Wells Fargo. Someone had scrawled graffiti on the entrance doors to the bank in what looked like blue greasepaint.

We went in to BWW and were seated toward the back of the bar area. I checked the menu and noticed they were offering two different sauces in the Sauce Lab, without dates specifying when each would be available (normally they have one flavor at a time), so I asked the waiter and he said both were available. The one had a bit of a kick to it, but the other, the Scorpion with Myers' Rum in it, was on a whole new level. It wasn't all heat though; like the Mango Habañero I often order, there's a lot of flavor in it. I noticed a bit late that the new sauce came with a warning sticker not to touch your eyes, and to wash with plenty of water afterwards. ;) Still, I managed to finish the meal with vision intact and no upset stomach. And it was good.

The ride home was uneventful. We got out at Ash Way and I drove Gary to pick up his car at the far side of Everett Station.
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Christmas was fun. [ profile] gmjambear and I each got some video footage of the family's "Jingle Bell Rock" gift exchange (everyone stands iin a big circle and you pass packages to the right on "Jingle" and to the left on "Rock") and hopefully we'll get some more from my sister and edit them all together.

Boxing Day brought a significant snowfall, after which we went outside and played in the snow with my grand-niece Alyssa and grand-nephew Aiden; there's a big hill behind my dad's place and they had sleds already waiting for them in Dad's garage. After Alyssa's mother came by to pick her up (as she got off work early due to the weather) we headed out for chili for lunch.

Thursday we had lunch at White Castle and did some grocery shopping with Aiden in tow, and that evening Gary and I headed for downtown Cincinnati to see the Cyclones play hockey against the Elmira Jackals. As usual, lots of bears in the stands and a few on the ice. Unfortunately for the 'Clones, Elmira won 4-3. As a promotion, they had the Stanley Cup out on the concourse so we got our pictures taken with the Cup.

Friday I went to get my hair cut and beard trimmed since I was done with my Santa impersonation for another year. Later we did some photo processing on Dad's computer so he's got copies of our Christmas snaps, and then hit the YMCA on Winton Road which I'd visited last time I was in town. We were pleasantly surprised to find our ActivTrax accounts work there too, since the old FitLinxx system was specific to the facility where you signed up. Unfortunately one of my contacts washed out in the pool so I have to wear my glasses until we get back home.

Yesterday we attended my nephew Andy's wedding. A good time was had by all, even if there was a slight misunderstanding when it came time for family photos, but that was cleared up by the time the party was over.

This morning I took Dad to church, where a very nice-looking otterish/bearish fellow was the lector (reader). Afterward we had breakfast at Dad's favorite restaurant, First Watch, did a bit more shopping and came home to watch the Bengals beat the Ravens, 23-14. The late game is still in progress and I'll catch up when I finish this post.

We return to Everett tomorrow evening just in time to ring in the New Year. Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year!
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Didn't do much Friday night other than one last overnight maintenance call for work, nor yesterday as [ profile] gmjambear finished off some schoolwork. Made up for that today though. Read more... )

Another fun day.
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Please join me in wishing a Happy Birthday to [ profile] cincycub!
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[ profile] gmjambear and I went to the Everett Silvertips game vs. the Seattle Thunderbirds at Everett Events Center. The game was rather full, the ticket seller noted there were only tickets in pairs in about five sections of the arena, most of them upstairs and in the corners. He then recommended seats in the club section, which for a few dollars extra permitted use of the Club Lounge at the top. We went for those seats, then settled to wait in line for entrance to the arena to get our promotional cowbells sponsored by Monster Energy Drink. Cowbells in hand, we went to find our seats. They were about halfway up on the aisle.

With an hour to face-off, we decided to check out the lounge. There was a large bar with tables around it. There was also a separate door for folks with club and skybox seats to enter from Wall Street at the top of the hill, and we picked a table right by the door. So I sat facing the door and pointed out the many bears that caught my eye to Gary. We ordered dinner: Gary had linguine alfredo with chicken, while I had a cup of chili and a French dip sandwich. It appeared the kitchen was backed up as we did not receive our food until just before face-off, so we missed much of the first period. It was very good food though so I had no complaints.

The game was not as exciting as the previous game we attended, although there were a few moments: the Tips' goalie scoring an own-goal in the middle of the second period (which is credited to the last T-bird player to touch the puck), a couple of fights (not nearly as many as last game, and two of them occurring at or after the period-ending whistle), one of the T-birds charging after one of the Tips, checking him a bit high, losing his balance and sailing head over heels before landing flat on the ice, and watching Zack Dailey use some fancy stick work to try to dislodge the puck from the corner nearest us.

By the way, it does not matter who the Tips are playing, the opposing team is still treated to a rousing chorus of "AND THEY STILL SUCK!" whenever it is announced they are back to full strength. Even if, as was the case tonight, they are beating the snot out of the Tips, who ultimately lost 4-0.
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I'm not sure if I posted much about this at the time of the event, but something [ profile] danlmarmot mentioned about his trip to Montreal, combined with some difficulties individual SMC members are having with memorization of foreign languages for our upcoming concert, reminded me of this story.

For the GALA VIIe event in Montreal in 2004, I was planning to set a smattering of "menu French" (soup du jour, boeuf Robespierre, etc.) to a possibly recognizable tune, after the fashion of "Insalata Italiana" with Italian musical directions. [ profile] gmjambear suggested instead that I set all of the names of the Metro stops to music. So with the help of Dennis, the Rochester Gay Men's Chorus' composer-in-residence, and Steve, a teacher of French and Spanish in the chorus (who, incidentally, resembles Stephen Harper, only younger and cuter), we set all the Metro stops to the "Soldiers' Chorus" from Faust by Gounod.

Steve pointed out that Papineau (the namesake of the Metro stop closest to the heart of the gay village along Boul. Ste-Catherine) was a major military figure in the early history of Quebec, and as such is even today a revered name among Quebecers. So we made sure to repeat "Papineau" a few times, usually in the combination "Beaudry, Papineau, Henri-Bourassa".

Handy household hints for singers of foreign languages... )

By the way, SMC is presenting "Unplugged" this evening at 7:30 PM at McIntyre Hall, on the campus of Skagit Valley College in Mt. Vernon, WA. We won't have our special guests m-pact with us but it should be a fun show nevertheless.
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Yesterday [ profile] gmjambear and I puttered around the house a bit and did some shopping. We picked up a workbench and tool rack to help organize the garage and make more room for our tools; also, we put up some more artwork and awards on the walls in the office and master bedroom.

This morning we went to Bear Brunch at Yo's Bistro in Burien. We had a very nice conversation with a couple of bears from Los Angeles who had just disembarked from a week-long Alaska cruise, and who plan on attending next weekend's bear run in Portland. For a short while the proprietor joined our conversation once he had a break in the stream of patrons.

L to R: Harry and Randy from L.A., and Yo, the proprietor of Yo's Bistro.

Afterward we stopped off at the Public Market in Seattle where a street fair was going on. We picked up four small wildlife prints (a falcon on the Seattle skyline, some salmon in a stream, a big brown bear fishing, and a couple of playful wolves in the snow) from the same artist, a bearish fellow judging from his picture, as he wasn't running the shop today; and also some totem-style T-shirts from a lady whose work I've always liked and have purchased before, for our own wear and as gifts. The bridge from the parking garage offered a unique perspective in which Mount Rainier appeared to rise from the middle of Qwest Field.

On the way back we picked up frames for the new pictures and some supplies for dinner. Then when we got home Gary completed the mowing while I unpacked the workbench. (Side note: it takes an entire weekend to mow the entire lawn because the cordless electric mower's battery runs out of juice and has to be recharged overnight between sessions. I find this annoying but Gary doesn't seem to mind.) Then we assembled the workbench together and re-parked the cars in the garage. It's a tight fit but we managed to keep enough room in front of the workbench to retrieve things from it fairly easily.

After dinner, which consisted of salmon burgers with mac and cheese and coleslaw, we tackled the new prints we'd just bought and hung them on the bedroom wall. They look nice with the Four Seasons view of Multnomah Falls we put up yesterday.

So in sum, it's beena nicely productive weekend.
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Not the best quality as it was taken out a bus window, but here you are. In a small campus on the Bothell-Everett Highway is Papa Bear's Car Wash and Lube-A-Lot, and Mama Bear's Espresso.


Feb. 28th, 2009 08:56 pm
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Oh say, can you see
My eyes? If you can,
Then my hair's too short

I've been experimenting over the past couple of months with letting my hair grow out beyond all reasonable bounds. It's been fun, but I'm not managing it terribly well, and it's not even long enough for a proper ponytail yet. However, with my trip to Dallas coming up Real Soon Now (during which I will be meeting my immediate supervisor in person for the first time, not to mention spending a lot of time wearing a hard hat), I figure it's time for the experiment to end. As much as I'd rather not, I'm going to have most of it sheared off tomorrow.

[ profile] pandabuff mentioned at a special rehearsal this afternoon that having hair that long would bother him, and I know it does [ profile] gmjambear if only because it overemphasizes his bald spot. But my father still has a full head of hair at eighty-four, even if it has gone mostly snow white. So I figure while I've got it I should make the most of it.

So today we decided we both needed to get out of the house, and I wanted to get some pictures before making such a radical change in my appearance, so we visited the Everett Marine Park and Lions Park and got some pictures of Possession Sound and the mountains. Then we took some posed shots of each other to use in LJ icons and such.

I'll want to do "after" pictures tomorrow. But for now, here are some of the pictures we got in the parks today.
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Sat next to a sk8r boi (take that [ profile] cincycub) on the bus this morning, and across from a vaguely Mediterranean or perhaps Hispanic fellow about my age with a well-groomed goatee. Changed buses and sat behind a pocket-bear with snow-white hair and beard (I'll call him "Pocket Santa") and across from an obvious couple, one member looked vaguely familiar, perhaps an SMC member, while his partner wore his hair in a wild-looking asymmetrical red-highlighted Mohawk and, with his bright eyes and round cheeks, bore the appearance of one of [ profile] badrobot68's cublets. They got off at Totem Lake where this cute kid I've seen before boarded and sat opposite me behind the driver. Pocket Santa left at UW Bothell; I think he teaches there.

One of the temp agencies was doing the 'coffee for United Way' thing outside my office, so I went to get some and saw this fellow, who looked like a shorter version of Joey Fatone, whom I'd followed upstairs on the way in.


Sep. 18th, 2008 09:37 pm
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  • All this week I've been seeing lots of bearish bus drivers and the occasional passenger as well.

  • This morning my cow-orkers and I were having a conversation about Burn After Reading in which my ex-boss recommended people see the trailer and skip the film because the best parts of the film are all in the trailer. So, speaking of spoilers, I pointed out the two T-shirts that T-Shirt Hell advertised right after one of the Harry Potter books came out that read "[so-and-so] dies on page [such-and-such]; I just saved you [this many] hours and [this much money]", with the US version bearing one page number and a price in dollars, and the UK version having a different page number and a price in pounds. When he asked why the US and UK versions had different page numbers, my cube neighbor pointed out that the words in the UK are longer with the extra "u", as in "colour", etc.

  • Speaking of films, I keep wanting to call this one Mountlake Terrace ;-) (This is a neighborhood just over the county line between Shoreline and Lynnwood, north of Seattle proper.)

  • Over in soc.motss, someone posted his surprise at hearing the "Flute Concerto" by "Jacques E. Bear" performed by James Galway. Looking at the program notes he discovered the composer's name is Jacques Ibert. Sort of reminds me of the first time I saw Chantal Hébert ("Eh, Bear") on "At Issue" on the CBC's The National.

Golfer Bear

Aug. 2nd, 2008 08:46 am
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While I was headed in to the shower this morning, [ profile] gmjambear pointed out that the bear sighting on the golf course yesterday was in Colorado Springs.

I responded: "There are a lot of bears in Colorado Springs, but too many of them are televangelists." ;-)
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Haven't had a whole lot of time to post the past few days.

Monday was a long day. Work went OK, then I hopped on the bus early to get downtown and grab an early dinner before rehearsal. Having some time to play with, I hopped on the monorail to Seattle Center. The return monorail trip was delayed about 20 minutes because they had to test the one working train, which was annoying because they didn't announce what they were doing until they had pulled the train into the station and then pulled out again without letting anyone board. Rehearsal was exhausting. We got to work with the band for the first time though which was nice. After rehearsal I decided to try the express bus across Lake Washington instead of the Rodeo Bus, especially since I'd parked at the park-n-ride lot next to Boeing instead of at the Renton transit center. However, I ended up catching the 240 local bus and it took forever to get there. I barely got home in time to do my system patching work at 11 PM. Saw a couple of interesting folks on that long bus ride though, including a bearish antique dealer and a youngish fellow in a tweed jacket praying the rosary quietly to himself.

Tuesday I got a late start having slept in a bit. I got to see this big red bear in Carhartt overalls working on the electrical system at Bellevue transit center again, as he's been there the past few days. On the way home I had a chat with a young woman who works in the cafeteria. She mentioned that she was interested in board games and I mentioned a few of them that [ profile] snicholson had demonstrated on Game Nights back in New York. We ended up discussing our respective commutes and I mentioned that I sing with SMC, which prompted her to ask if [ profile] gmjambear sang with the chorus as well. I had to tell her no, he doesn't; he's the "chorus widow". After returning home, I went for a walk with Gary in the park before another round of patching.

Today I decided to park at Kennydale for a change. Looks like the bus bypassed us, as we had to wait about 40 minutes when there should be one every half hour. Ah well, one of the other riders was easy on the eyes, with tousled brown hair, a nice smile and a fair bit of fur peeking out of his open shirt collar. Once I got to Bellevue the red bear in Carhartts was up on a scissors lift working right over my head. ;-) Unfortunately, I discovered that there's a hardware problem which will prevent me from working from home for my final patches tonight. So in about an hour I will have to haul butt to Bothell and start my 11 PM maintenance window by physically powering down the server so I can (hopefully, fingers crossed) monitor it remotely afterward.


May. 25th, 2008 03:10 pm
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Right after completing my last post I went with [ profile] gmjambear to the Bear Brunch at Martin's Off Madison. We had an interesting discussion about current events over brunch. Our waiter was a fellow who had sung with SMC my first two concerts with the chorus but hadn't been much seen in those parts since; he had a duet with long-time chorister Thatcher on "He Was a Friend Of Mine" from Brokeback Mountain.

After brunch as we were wrapping up our discussion, a couple of guys who looked vaguely familiar came in for lunch. Turns out they were [ profile] bukephalus and his friend Bruce. I got up to introduce myself and Gary stayed seated where he was and waved when I introduced him to them. I made an attempt to sell [ profile] bukephalus on our upcoming concert and we parted with a "See you online."

I mentioned to Gary on the way to brunch that we should take a look around the University District, Ravenna, and Lake City, specifically the route of the express buses I would take to work should we decide to move there. The basic idea is that we would like to move someplace convenient to a bus line to downtown Seattle as well as to my office in Bothell. There are many buses that connect the University and downtown, so from a transportation standpoint, the neighborhoods along the way between Bothell and the U District would be ideal, barring any showstoppers like major gang activity and other crime. So off we went, taking a drive north along 25th Avenue to Ravenna Way and Lake City Way, then turning around just short of Ballinger Road and heading back along 125th Street to I-5 south. No property jumped out and said "Buy me" though.

From I-5 we headed to Bellevue on Route 520 and Gary gave me an impromptu tour of the Bellevue Community College campus. He's taking a class through BCC but it is completely online: no lectures or labs on campus, so really the only reason he has to visit is to register or visit his instructor or a counselor. The campus is a very late-1960s design, with a lot of elevated walkways connecting the core buildings, a style of architecture I find fascinating even if a bit utilitarian.
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In the spirit of My Loony Bun Is Fine, Benny Lava:

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Just posted some new pictures to my Gallery:
  • Christmas 2007, featuring the Teddy Bears from SMC (below) and Christmas Eve with our friends in Federal Way, and
  • Victoria, where we visited the weekend before New Years.
Hope you enjoy! ;-)

Da Bears
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[ profile] gmjambear, Brandy and I spent the weekend with the Northwest Bears at Kamp Kodiak. The weekend went very well, I think, but I'm just a bit sore and tired and slept a few hours almost as soon as we got into the door.

Highlights... )

Pictures to follow, and maybe a more coherent retelling of some of the events. Later folks.

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