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Woke up around 5ish to go to the bathroom and found Gary awake and trying to check in for tomorrow's flight. Went back to sleep and finally got up in time to shut down the 8:30 alarm. I let Gary sleep in, so we ended up missing the hotel breakfast. Instead we had breakfast at Duff's diner where we had dinner the previous night. I had a smoked meat omelet with a bagel and Gary had a 3 cheese omelet with toast; both of us had a fruit cup as well.

After breakfast we walked through Confederation Park again but this time we followed the path by the canal under the bridges. When we arrived at the Rideau Street bridge we heard the drone of bagpipes suddenly stop, and then saw the piper among a military ceremonial guard descending the stairs to their waiting vehicles under the bridge. Just the other side of the bridge is the top of the Entrance Locks of the Rideau Canal. Gary picked up a refrigerator magnet at the Parks Canada store, and we made our way down the hill beside the locks, first by the stairs and later by the parallel walk and bike path. Just past the store was a display of a mock campsite to promote the campgrounds in Parks Canada, and at the top of the next lock down we saw a crew working the cranks and levers of the mechanism to raise a boat through the locks. We spent some time at the bottom of the locks admiring the view, then toured the Bytown Museum before returning to the top of the hill. Realizing we could not access the canal path on the other side by walking under the bridge, instead we climbed the stairs and crossed the street to take pictures from the bridge of the entire set of locks.

We then headed for the Rideau Centre food court. Neither of us was particularly hungry so we had gelato shakes (cookies and cream for Gary and hazelnut for me) in lieu of a heavy lunch. Afterwards we crossed the bridge to the Bay on the way to the bus stop so I could take a picture of the mannequin doing a handstand I saw the other day. We caught the 14 bus back to the hotel, where Gary checked us in for the flights and I nodded off watching the Canadian Grand Prix.

About three we walked over to Bank Street to catch the bus north for Bear Coffee at Swizzles, a cool basement bar on Queen Street. There we met Adam, a cute otter who is the current Mr. Ottawa Bear; Mo and his other half; as well as Alex who is a friend of Chaz from when he ran Multicom IV bulletin board. Alex, Gary and I chatted for quite some time about past experiences, current politics and long beards while Don who sat to my left kibitzed occasionally. Alex also knows Leith as they both have some connection to Prince Edward Island; he also has some impressive ink on both arms.

After 5 a group of us bears left for the 3 Brewers pub for dinner, where we met Bruce and Brian and chatted with Don. Bruce is a big curly-haired cub who hails from the Quebec side of the Ottawa River and had to catch a bus home that only runs hourly on Sundays. After dinner, we got a ride back to the hotel with Brian who is a cute pocket cub with salt-and-pepper hair and a trim goatee. Once we got back I took care of the rest of the laundry while we watched the Tony awards and packed our bags. We got to bed about 11:30.
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