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Woke up around 8 and headed down to breakfast around 9. Returned to the room briefly to change clothes and caught the bus to Parliament Hill. Stopped in to the ticket office and found the English language guided tour tickets were gone and the French ones were for after the ball game. Instead, we roamed the grounds of the Parliament buildings and took pictures of the statuary, the Library of Parliament, and the Ottawa River gorge at the foot of the hill.

From there we walked across the Rideau Canal bridge to Rideau Centre, spotting a thick-bearded dude with impressive ink on both arms and a jogger in a blue tank top with a more modestly decorated arm along the way. We took the bridge from the Hudson's Bay store, which had a mannequin in bright shorts and sneakers doing a handstand by the second floor landing on the escalator. We took a break in the rooftop garden, then stopped by the OC Transpo service centre to look into the Presto card. The man behind the counter suggested we continue using day passes if we're going to take 2 or 3 trips per day. That set, we explored the mall briefly and had lunch from Jimmy the Greek's in the dining hall. As we ate, a tall young dude with a long, thick blond beard passed by wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt that read "Raised by Wolves", which I think suits his overall appearance. After lunch we caught a bus back to the hotel, stopping by the corner store for iced tea on the way, and chiiled out in the room for a few hours.

Next stop was Parc RCGT Park (named after Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, an accounting firm) for a doubleheader between the Ottawa Champions and the Rockland Boulders (Pomona, NY) in Can-Am League baseball. The first game was to make up for a rain-out the previous night; per international rules, each game of the doubleheader is 7 innings instead of 9. We caught a commuter bus to the stadium, which is connected to the VIA Rail station by an enclosed pedestrian bridge. A nice lady asked if we were going to Vars, the final destination for the bus; obviously we must have looked a little out of place. A tall father with a medium-sized thick beard, accompanied by a wife and two kids, managed to retrieve a foul ball; another landed in a deserted section of the stands and the assembled crowd had to guide a kid in a bright red cap until he found it. Cute young bear beer vendor with trim brown hair and beard in a neon yellow, form-fitting T-shirt working the stands.
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