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Left the house about 6:45 to catch the 8 bus to Everett Station. On the way we passed a young girl waiting for the school bus which arrived just as we reached the next corner. Reminded me of Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray. Quick transfer to the 510. A big cub boarded at South Everett: wavy black hair, thin beard and 'stache, thick glasses, black shirt and jeans with ripped knees. Traffic was very heavy. Caught the train where I spotted another cute ginger cublet in a blue hoodie, olive shorts and flip flops. At Sodo Station we saw the lot where the Double Tall buses park between morning and evening rush hour. White-haired bear who reminds me of Armistead Maupin boarded at Rainier Beach. Sunny and the mountain is out today.

Made it to bag drop and TSA pre-check and then out to the end of the concourse, stopping for breakfast at the Mountain Room Bar. Diagonally opposite me were two ramp dudes in hi-vis vests; the one facing me was cute with a brown mop-top haircut and matching scruffy beard. He reminded me of the model in the DXL ads. We quickly ate our breakfast sandwiches, boarded the flight and made our way to the back of the aircraft. After a few moments getting situated with the lady in the aisle seat, we were greeted by a flight attendant who suggested we change seats, since the middle and window seats across the aisle were open. She thought at first the lady and I were together but her husband or at least traveling companion was sitting on the aisle across from her. So she took the window seat with him and I took the aisle. I turned on the chill channel on the in-flight entertainment system, brought up the map, charged my phone and settled in for the flight while Gary nodded off. For a 4 1/2 hour flight it was fairly uneventful.

We arrived at Pearson International Airport, navigated the maze through border security and customs in record time, and had enough time for a burger for Gary and a Montreal smoked meat sandwich which looked remarkably like a Reuben (but no sauerkraut) for me. We were assigned seats across the aircraft, a narrow Embraer with four seats across, in consecutive rows. The cute cubby dude sitting next to me, with salt-and-pepper hair and a trim goatee to match, discovered the other half of the row was empty and moved over. I asked him to get Gary's attention so he could sit next to me but Gary politely declined. The screen in the seat in front of me was broken so I used the one facing the now vacant seat to monitor the flight on the map. I got a few nice sunset above the clouds shots. Unfortunately due to the short flight and the weather, we didn't get any drinks on this flight, but that was OK.

We claimed our checked bags and I called for an Uber to the hotel. The driver greeted us but did not engage in conversation. We got checked in and I made a run to the corner store for iced tea and snacks. I was served by a tall brown dude with a thick black beard.
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